Ride with GPS

Activities for Andrew Poynter


Poynterism is go!

Well sort of...

... Poynterism.com now exists on the internets, admitedly there isn't much on it at the moment but more will follow soon.


The N(ail) Factor

As stated in the previous post, some new arts.

There just a simple parody of a well known weekend talent show created in an old style.


 The website will be up and running soon...

...Honest it will.



...Just not where its expected.

There hasn't been much progress on the website development this week, mainly due to sorting out rubbish in the spare (soon to be nursery) room. All the accumulated stuff that has been gathering over the last 3 years is all gone to the tip.

So now it's all systems go for working on the website.

"Never knowingly be serious. Rule 27"
- The Doctor

...there will be some new images coming soon.


Development and oddities

Jenny's pages of the website, basic layout sort of.

Development of the Poynterism website is now underway with Jenny's pages being worked on first. Her exhibition at Goldsmiths went well last week, and now all she needs are the results.

In this atmosphere of learning I've signed up to a course at Central Saint Martins. Its always good to learn new things and develop new skills. More on this at a later date.

On a more unusual note I may be involved in a  BBC 2 Wonderland  documentary. I've always wondered how people get involved in these things and now I know. Its by random luck.

What next I wonder...