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Back again.

Its been awhile since I added on to this, so here's an update.

Since last time:

Younger sibling for Lily. Willow was born in September 2014.

I've started riding to work!

Yes I know that apparently makes me mad, but hey, at almost £200 a month for travel I thought it would save some cash, with the added benefit of keeping me a little fitter.

See the shiny new widget near the top of the blog page showing how far/high/long I've ridden in the last 7 days.

This may well turn into a cycle blog if and when I can be bothered to write on here. I intend to get a camera to film my ride to and from work, if nothing else than for the fits and giggles of watching people step out in-front of me. These may or may not appear on here.

I'll be going then, till next time (read year)


Wow its been a long time

Its been well over a year since I've put anything on here, so here is a very short update of whats happened.

I've found new full time employment. Whoop! I've been working here for 2 years already!

Moved house. Whoop! Started the redecoration process.

Built a table out of recycled scaffolding boards.

Expecting a younger sibling for Lily in early September. Whoop!

In the build up to this event and other things that are due this year I thought I should revisit this blog and try and make it a bit more interesting.

Hell who am I kidding it'll be another 2 years before anything else appears on here!


Arrivals and Delays

There have been a number of things happen recently that have slowed the progress on Poynterism.com.

Firstly and most importantly is the birth of our little girl Lily Rose Poynter on the 3rd November.

The second is a run of work for me at Queen Mary University London, working on their website.

This does not mean that Poynterism is stoping its just slowing down a little, be assured however that we are going to be making progress before the year is out and plans are afoot for 2012 starting with a lot of work.

Stay tuned, there is much more to come yet...


Poynterism is go, go, gooo!

OK, after much fiddling, reworking, coding and testing the new website is up and running.

There is a nice and simple landing page for all to see with some simple portfolio pages behind it.

I hope you like it. If not say so here.

Thanks for waiting.

The landing page

Who we are...

...and what I do...

... and what Jenny does.

There will be more to come on this, hopefully including a shop to sell prints, t-shirts and other oddities.

Anyway that's it for this post...


Poynterism is go!

Well sort of...

... Poynterism.com now exists on the internets, admitedly there isn't much on it at the moment but more will follow soon.


The N(ail) Factor

As stated in the previous post, some new arts.

There just a simple parody of a well known weekend talent show created in an old style.


 The website will be up and running soon...

...Honest it will.



...Just not where its expected.

There hasn't been much progress on the website development this week, mainly due to sorting out rubbish in the spare (soon to be nursery) room. All the accumulated stuff that has been gathering over the last 3 years is all gone to the tip.

So now it's all systems go for working on the website.

"Never knowingly be serious. Rule 27"
- The Doctor

...there will be some new images coming soon.