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Back again.

Its been awhile since I added on to this, so here's an update.

Since last time:

Younger sibling for Lily. Willow was born in September 2014.

I've started riding to work!

Yes I know that apparently makes me mad, but hey, at almost £200 a month for travel I thought it would save some cash, with the added benefit of keeping me a little fitter.

See the shiny new widget near the top of the blog page showing how far/high/long I've ridden in the last 7 days.

This may well turn into a cycle blog if and when I can be bothered to write on here. I intend to get a camera to film my ride to and from work, if nothing else than for the fits and giggles of watching people step out in-front of me. These may or may not appear on here.

I'll be going then, till next time (read year)

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